Saturday, March 10, 2007

How Shapes of Buildings Implicate Feng Shui

By Apex Lim

There is something about shapes of buildings, which in feng shui are associated with one of the five elements. Basically, these shapes are; square or cube, rectangle, the circle or sphere, the wave or curve liner, and the pyramid or triangle. Each of this shape represents or associate with five of the elements; earth, wood, metal, water and fire. It is possible to use these shapes to incorporate subtle yet effective feng shui harmony into buildings. Beside the shapes, elements, direction where the building sits also plays a important part in feng shui. Element Shapes can also be used as a means of enhancing or exhausting certain sectors based on either Flying Star combinations or the 8 Mansions formula.

The five elements of feng shui and shapes

EARTH - Square
FIRE - Triangle
METAL - Circle
WATER - Curve liner
WOOD - Rectangle

Five Elements and Shapes of Building

Square Shape building represents the element of earth. It will be auspicious if a square building faced or sits in the direction of SW/NE. It is said that square shape building command authoritative with dominance, therefore, it will be suitable for a corporate offices and bank. Enhanced the building with an earth element base, using material such as granite and marble will offer strong earth energy which benefits the luck of the building. SW and NE are the direction for earth element.

Triangle shape building signifies the fire element. The ideal sitting location should be south, the sector of fire. Building with the shape of triangle, the best orientation would be a North-South axis, with the building facing north and sitting south.To enhance the luck of the triangle building, the alternative location would be for the building to sit East or Southeast, in this way, the wood element would then feed the building's fire element.

A circle or Sphere shape building signifies the metal element. So long there is a curve within the overall building in concept, it suggests that the building is a circle shape. It needs not to be overall circle in shape. To enhance the luck of the building, the use of glass and steel are beneficial. Such buildings are excellent sitting West or Northwest, so facing East and Southeast.

A curve liner building symbolizes the element of water. Water is an element that is constant movement. Curve liner buildings adopt a prominent curve form that extends throughout the building design. The curve liner gives a powerful statement of visual 'wave'. Shopping malls or exhibition centres will benefit from this design concept. Curve liner building forms are efficient for creating the flow of speed. It is advisable to avoid building with such shape for office or residential locations. The direction for a water element building should be to face South and sit North. Use full steel-base "look" material for the base of the building to enhance the water element of the building.

A rectangle shape building is associated with the element of wood. Many popular of high-rise building shapes is the rectangle. It will be beneficial if the building can incorporate wood or water elements energy. Avoid glass and concrete dominate the building. Blue-tinted glass, which represents water energy, is a good ideal for the building. Once can also provide the building with a "wood' look as enhancements.The best directions for this type of building, is to sit East, Southeast or North.