Monday, March 26, 2007

5 Common Auspicious Lucky Feng Shui Objects

Lucky Feng Shui Objects

By Apex Lim

Luck is something that doesn’t come naturally. You have to seek it, dream and think of it. Every culture has it own traditions for luck, but these traditions seem to overlap and create a common believe. In Feng Shui, there are lucky objects that bring luck. If these lucky objects are placed in the correct location or with the correct matching of the personality, it benefits the owners.


For those who are climbing the cooperate ladder, dragon is regarded as the most auspicious symbol of good fortune. It signify the power of authority, it can be strategically placed in an office to symbolize the authority and power of the chief executive. Place your dragon on the dragon wall (your left when you face the door) but be sure it does not appear to be heading toward the door or a window. Dragon Pen is especially auspicious for executive, manager, businessman or woman and Chief Executive Officer. The locations to place the double dragon with a pearl in a bowl of gently flowing water; the Southwest, Southeast, North or East corners of the living room. Wearing of gold dragon tortoise pendant can boost success luck.


The phoenix or birds are powerful and they symbolise renewal and new opportunities. The Phoenix attracts prosperity and abundance. Other small birds indicate good news and happy occasions. Mandarin ducks indicate good relationships and helpful mentor. In feng shui, displaying the 100 birds crystal ball in the south part of the home to ward off all forms of bad luck and in a prominent place at the office to bring good business luck.


The horse symbolizes power, strength, fame, speed, endurance and success. It is incredibly auspicious to display not one but many of this handsome creature in the home. Horses or Pony can also bring good fortune but also lots of happiness and pleasure as well. A horse painting or sculpture can be placed on, or near an executive's desk to reinforce his image as a powerful and dynamic man, but it should not be headed toward the door or a window. Those born under the sign of Roosters, Snakes and Ox, will benefits from displaying horses, in feng shui, the horse brings love luck being the peach blossom animal of these animal signs.


The wonderful feng shui elephants, will bring luck and good fortune, strength, wisdom, power and success to your home or business. They make a nice housewarming gift or gift for a milestone in anyone's life (start of new business or family). Elephants should always have their trunks turned upward, as if trumpeting, this meant to herald good news. They can be placed in the entrance hall, but not directly facing the door. Jade Feng Shui Elephant is used for:
· In the home to strengthen love and faithfulness between couples
· To increase intelligence and dignity, and to protect the home
· The elephant symbolizes the head of a household or company as a token of power and prominence
· The elephant is also known as a grantor of wishes.
· Display your feng shui elephant in the bedroom to strengthen love and faithfulness between couples
· Feng Shui elephants in the office or business enhances power, strength, and wisdom.


FENG SHUI FROG –‘ATTRACT MONEY TO YOUR LIFE' to you. Placing the frog facing your entrance improves prosperity. Some are very large and quite garish in color. The frog (actually a three-legged toad) holds a coin in its mouth and has strings of coins around its feet. Placing him inside your front door facing inwards symbolizes money coming in to your home or business. In a store it can be on or near the cash register, facing the direction of the door. A three-legged toad/frog can work wonders. According to feng shui, the money frog is a symbol of prosperity and is associated with monetary gains. “Chan chu” as the money frog is called in Chinese is associated with the moon. This is because it is believed that the frog transforms with the moon. The feng shui money frog represents wealth, good health and is the wife of one of the eight immortals.

There are many feng shui objects that enhance one life. Different objects can be placed in the home and offices or as gift for love one and friends. They are also good for career, business, and family and for personal luck. Those are the five most common objects that can be found in the home and office.


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