Thursday, April 12, 2007

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Mirror

From my understanding, using mirror as a form of Feng Shui object can be effective in some ways. Mirrors can be used creatively in many ways. Mirrors have been described as the “life-line” of Feng Shui. It is used for cure or remedy in feng shui. However, there are rules to follow. If use it correctly, it provides the energy for cure and remedy.

1. The mirror is best to reflect something pleasant, such as an attractive view or landscape, which will bring the vibrant energy of a garden or scene into the house.

2. When placing a mirror to enhance a space or "cure" an area be aware of what is reflected in it - or a problem could arise.

3. Mirrors should never distort or cut into the image of a person as this symbolically distorts or cuts their chi.

4. Mirrors should always have frames to contain the chi of their image.

5. Do not hang a mirror opposite a door or a window. If you do this they will reflect the chi back at itself and will restrict its flow around the house.

6. Do not hang mirrors opposite of each other. For this will indicate restlessness and is not recommended.

7. Mirror should be kept clean.

8. Replaced if broken.

9. Reflect your whole image.

10. Should not be placed opposite the bed.


Remember, other reflective objects can act as mirrors. Be aware of what they reflect and their positions. Objects that can act as mirrors are highly polished furniture, metal pots, glass bowls, shiny surfaces.

Mirrors are useful in small spaces where they apparently can double the size of small spaces. For example:


When part of a house is "missing", in other words irregularly shaped, a mirror can be used to effectively recreate the missing space and thus make a regular shape.


Use mirrors in dark corners and at bends in passages to help the chi to circulate around these awkward places.


In long corridors the chi moves too fast. Mirrors offer one method of slowing down the chi It is best to place several mirrors in a staggered manner to reflect pleasant images on the opposite wall.

If you have just another wall down this long corridor then you can place a plant in the middle of it or against the back wall to slow the fast moving chi.
Hope this piece of information is helpful to you.