Sunday, July 29, 2007

Feng Shui Remedy - Front and Back Door in Line

Remedy for front door is in direct line with the rear door, especially for those house with long hallway.

It is said that having a back door in direct alignment with the front will encourage the Qi (energy) to flow in and straight back out of the home without having time to meander. This can also signify your finances...coming in but going out just as fast or if not faster!

This will of course also depend on the Flying Star Chart of your home. The remedy for the situation above it used to try and slow down the energy. I find placing pictures or photos on the wall between the two doorways are great, in addition to plants etc. This helps to divert the energy into the other rooms of the home.

You do however have to be careful not to “block” the area off as this may lead to blockages
in your life so use common sense and try and be aware of what people so who enter your home. Where do they walk? How fast do they walk through the house? This will give you an indication of how the energy is flowing.