Monday, July 2, 2007

Special foam bath can ward off ill luck

Chinese believe that bathing with special foam bath can ward off ill luck. Some Chinese plant or herb plant that are used as ingredients to process such shower liquid for bathing so that good luck will come.

xiang mao

Traditional XiangMao and Mo Cao has always been used for Special body Cleansing to ward off ill luck

It is ideal for daily bathing and special body cleansing. Occasionally, we do attend funeral wake or visit the hospital and it's believed that these visits might cause "Undesirable Gi" that causes ill luck and affect one's good luck or good fortune "Good Gi" Traditional believe that using Xiang Mao and Mo Cao to wash our body after these visits will wash away all those "Undesirable Gi".

It is believe that regular use of this special foam bath which contains "XiangMao" and "MoCao" can improve our "Body's Positive Gi" that can create good fortune good luck, happiness and success. Accordingly, "XiangMao" has medicinal properties that is healthy to our skin.