Saturday, November 3, 2007

Salt Lamps

Feng shui -salt lamp

Question: I have a Himalayan salt lamp which I placed in the SW corner of my home. However a friend told me that in Feng Shui, salt lamps are bad. Is this true?

Answer:Salt is a powerful cleansing agent and it can have the properties of cleansing any space. That is why salt is used in space clearing rituals, particularly when you are moving into a new home, or you need to cleanse stagnant energy from a piece of old furniture or a property where something bad has just taken place such as an illness or a death. However, when using salt to cleanse,you always humbly ask permission from any spirits that may be lingering there still before using the salt; otherwise some people say you could anger the spirits.

Salt lamps on the other hand are extremely harmful and they do not even have the power to cleanse. Salt lamps will soak all your chi energy from you leaving you feeling listless and tired. Salt lamps absorb all the good energy from the room so I strongly recommend that you remove it. Otherwise you will feel your essence flowing out of you making you sick even. Surely you must already be feeling it already?

This question and answer are taken off from 'ask Aunt Agga' of World of Feng Shui magazine.


jwerbner said...

Wow... in my 6 years of importing Salt Lamps for I have never had a customer complain that their Chi had been sucked out.

I have had some reports of burned out bulbs and questions on how to replace them.

Perhaps people have too high an expectation from their Salt Lamps.

We make no claims about their Feng Shui efficacy, we only say they are a beautiful addition to the home.

How something that is 250 million year old, found at the foothills of the Himalayas (one of the most sacred places on Earth), can do you harm is a surprise to me.

Anonymous said...

I loved these lamps the first time I saw one. I just got one for Christmas and put it in my bedroom. The next morning I woke up sick. For 10 days I was sick with the cold and the flu and my relationship with my boyfriend was practically non-existent. I decided to put the lamp away in a closet because I thought it might be the lamp. My health improved as well as my boyfriend and i actually had a very caring evening together. Last night, I took my lamp back out. About a half hour later, I sneezed and felt that a cold was coming on again. (I hardly ever sneeze) My boyfriend and I went right back to arguing again to the point where we were destroying the relationship right after we had been healing. I went to bed but not before I took that lamp and put it back in the closet. I googled today to search negative effects of the himalayan salt lamp and couldn’t find anything. Is it the lamp or is it coincidence? I woke up this morning healthy - no sign of a cold. Does my personal energy not allow for a lamp like that? p.s. I also heard from work that one person put their lamp in their bedroom and suffered an asthma attack and their breathing got worse. And another person received a lamp and their joints got worse. They both removed the lamp.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My salt lamp caught fire and scorched the wooden dish it was sitting on. It got so hot that I couldn't touch it for some time. The tea candle that was in it had burned out. The flame was as large as the opening (or tea candle).

Jerry said...

This site gets the strangest blogs. First Chi Sucking and now flames from a Salt Tea Light. I checked to see just how hot a lamp could get burning a couple of tea light candles and the most I could get was a very warm carved salt tea light holder. The salt surrounding the candle would keep the heat of the candle lower than if the candle were burning on its own so while I appreciate the comment left by the poster I can't get it ot replicate. Perhaps it should be submitted to Myth Busters. Either that or the Salt Tea Light was so thin that there were holes in it other than the candle hole. Next time try one from

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