Monday, November 19, 2007

Kua Number

Here is how you can find out your kua number

* For Male
Take your birth year. Ex:1979 => (1+9+7+9=26)
Add up the sum of 26 to form a single digit(2+6=8)
Subtract this single digit from eleven (11-8=3). This number is your Kua number.
[Note:should the final number be 5, subtract three. (5-3=2) This is your kua.]

* For Female
Take your birth year. Ex: 1983 =>(1+9+8+3=21)
Keep adding until you come up with a single digit (2+1=3)
Add this digit to four (3+4=7). This number is your kua.
[Note: Should the final number be 5, add three (5+3=8).This is your kua.]

Kua Number, is to determine the personal favorable and unfavorable direction based on kua.

If your kua is 1, you should face one of your favorable directions when studying or sitting at your office to receive sheng qi.

Generally, person with life kuas are 1,3,4,9 belong to East Group. Person who life kuas are 2,6,7,8 belong to West.

To your Success!