Wednesday, August 13, 2008

House Located on a Y Junction

Question asked:
My residence is located at the intersection of three streets that come together to make a Y. My house is located right at the top of the Y where it splits off into two directions. So if you were traveling from the bottom of the Y upwards, and you kept going straight (right where > it splits) you would come right into my house. I once read somewhere > that this was not a good location and I should do something. I am beginning to believe this because the 2 previous owners were foreclosed on and ever since moving into here my finances have been in the negative and I am at the brink of foreclosure myself now. What do I do? Help!

See Picture:

Possible Solution:
plant a TALL hedge along the front, placing the gate and path in suitable location, to block this energy. A fence or wall will get the job done faster, of course.