Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Month of Ding Yin Fire and Mao Yin Wood Tiger

On 5th March 09 at 1902 hr, it will be a new Lunar Month, the Heavenly Stem of Bing 丙 and Earthly Branch of Yin 寅, Tiger will give way to Ding 丁, Yin Fire and Mao 卯 Yin Wood respectively.


The new month of Yin Fire over Yin Wood will end on 5th April 09.

This is the Mid Spring Month, in this month, the ancient believe that there is a big bird carrying a hammer flying over the sky and creating Thunder to scare all the inserts and remind all to wake up. In the month of Spring is the time to enjoy the flowers bloom and start planting.


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