Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Excel Your Academic Through Feng Shui 文昌位

Academic location, allows one to excel in his or her academic achievement. Below tips is a very good pointer for you to find out your own or family members academic sector at your home. By placing the study desk at the correct sector will allow one to easily excel in their academic achievement.

In theory, different masters use different methods of finding one academic location.Many beginner use the year of birth to calculate the academic location. Which is not wrong, but the effect is not that effective.

In my experience, and many good masters, use the day of birth to determine the academic location.This method is the most effective way of locating the academic location. See below chart:
academic location

How to find the day of birth? One has to use the thousand years calendar. In Chinese calendar, each day is represented by two elements, a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. The above chart show you the Heavenly Stem (day of birth) and the chinese zodiac sign representation and lastly the sector to place the study desk for one to excel in study.

In the room, using a compass to locate the sector, place the study desk at the sector. One this is correctly done,tThe person will see good result in his or her academic qualification.

Of course there are more to it in term of enhcancement by placing certain items on the study desk to increase the academic result.

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