Monday, May 4, 2009

Month of Yin Earth over Yin Fire

Early Summer will arrive on 5th May 09 at about 1739 hrs. We will see a different Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch. It is also the 4th lunar month or also known as Snake Month.


Heavenly Stem of Ji(己)is like garden earth or Yin Earth, it is soft and fertile for plants. The Earthly Branch of Si(巳)is the zodiac sign of snake, it element is Yin Fire. This Pillar of Yin Earth/Yin Fire, we can interpret as this pillar is in harmony, Fire give birth to Earth.

Thou we are welcoming early summer, this Yin Fire is not that strong yet until mid-summer. My little prediction is that the world will see some hope of better economy, but we can see unexpected events to happen in the Ji/Si month. Like my prediction in the month of Wu/Chen, Ji/Si also likely to produce some unexpected events around the world.