Thursday, May 28, 2009

Placement of Ship and Boat

Many people believe that placement of feng shui ornaments will bring them good luck and wealth. Some ornaments even come in a form of art or poster, these arts or posters will have auspicious poem written onto it. This post, I am touching on the placement of ship or boat for smooth sailing.

There are many factors to consider for placement of feng shui ornaments. We have to take into account the 5 elements interaction. We have to consider the type of ornaments and it implication and meaning. For example, if you look at the above picture, this ship is place on top of a pink cloth, do you think this makes sense? Red represent Fire, how can a ship be on fire! To harmonise the whole ornament, it should be place on a blue cloth.

Normally, we present auspicious items like ship with the wording "Smooth Sailing" in chinese is "一帆凤順“, to someone and we don't know the implication behind it, what we will know is that this is a well wishes and auspicious gift.

Come to placement, we have to understand it effect so that it will bring us auspicious Qi. Firstly, we have to identify that the ship does have a ship head and a ship end(bow). We know the ship head, for us to place the sailing direction.

Sail in our sail out? A ship with full of treasure, like the one in the picture should sail-in, because the ship is loaded with all the treasure already and we do not want the treasure to be brought out of the house, right?

Likewise, for poster with ship, we also need to place it in the correct direction. For poster of ship, we need to have water or cloud to signify that the ship is in sailing position. A empty boat or ship, should place it sailing direction out of the house, this is to signify that the ship sail-out to bring in all the treasure.

Those who need water as their favourable element can also make use of ship and boat to signify a pool of water. Further to that, knowning how to write your wishes and place in a red packet then put on the ship will also one of the way to sail-in your wishes to come true.

If you have any further queries to this post, I would like to invite you to join the FENGSHUI-BAZI group to learnt more about Feng Shui and Bazi.