Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Centre of the house is like the heart. An impotant point to take note of is before commit to buy a house, check that the toilet and the kitchen is not situated at the centre of the house.

In acient time, before building of the house, the Feng Shui master will advise on the Sitting and Facing of the house that is to be build.

As regard to the where the toilet and kitchen, it is important factor to be considered. Avoid toilet and kitchen to be at the centre of the house.

See below picture:


1. Kitchen is not suitable to be at the centre of the house, this will caused "Yang Sha at the heart". It will affect the mood of the owner. The owner will be hot temper and emotion will be up and down, "mood swing".

2. Toilet is not situable to be at the centre of the house, this will caused "Yin Sha at heart". This will caused the owner to suffer cronic desease, for example, stomach sickness, high blood pressure problem, which is difficult to cure.

Either the toilet or the kitchen or both are not suitable to be at the center of the house. These will cause bad luck to the house.

Avoid also the main door either face the toilet or the kitchen. Depending on where the location it, it will affect the person it represent in that location. For example, if the affect sector is at the East, it will affect the health and wealth of the eldest son. East sector belongs to the eldest son.

In conclusion,

1. Both toilet and kitchen in the centre of the house is the most inauspicious.

2. Toilet door or the kitchen door directly faces the main door is the next inauspicious. See picture below:

Now that you already know this useful tip, try not to commit this mistake.

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