Saturday, July 4, 2009

Lunar Month of Xin Wei, Yin Metal Yin Earth

7th July at about 0824 Hrs we will be welcoming a new lunar month of Yin Metal, Xin and Yin Earth Wei. See below picture on the representation. The Heavely Stem of Xin and the Earthly Branch of Wei.

1. Wei which is Goat clashes with the yearly Branch of Chou Ox. We can say that this is a month breaker. In a month breaker, try to avoid starting important events.

2. We also can say that Xin Wei month is a strong earth month, as we see the year of Ji Chou (both Yin Earth) and this month we see Xin Wei which is Yin Metal, Yin Earth month.

3. Since the month branch clashes with year branch and come Xu day, there is a procecuting clashes of Ox-Goat-Dog. Bazi with DM of Water have to exercise cautious.

Keen to know more on how earth affect a Water Day Master.


blissfulramyaa said...


Thanks so much for the information and it was really helpful and I hope the article on Theory of Yin and Yang will help you a lot.