Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elements of Argument

Many a time we are so engross in winner an argument, or how to structure an argument. Do you know that feng shui have an effect on argument ? Below I will tell you; How to feng shui your home after an argument

This is important, because argument can spark-off unnecessary bad luck at home

Obviously, you don't want any of that negative energy hanging around your home. Remove bad chi instantly with a quick cleanse of your home.

Sprinkle a handful of sea salt on the floor of the room where the argument took place. Salt in feng shui terms acts rather like salt does in real life - namely, as a substance that absorbs surrounding moisture. According to feng shui, salt attracts any negative chi energy that may be circulating. Leave it overnight and vacuum it up the following morning, then repeat as necessary until all the bad vibes have dispersed.

This trick also helps with moving on from any bad relationship - friendship, sexual, whatever - leaving you refreshed with positive energy.. and ready to create your mischief all over again!