Friday, August 31, 2007

Spiky plants and plastic flowers

Spiky hair style, spiky plants, spiky hair and whatever spiky....plastic flowers, plastic hanger and whatever plastic. In Feng Shui, there are many arguments about placing spiky plants and plastic flowers in the apartment, etc.

After a long argument, a person know as 'fsa' reply :
Feng Shui practitioners need to be aware of this:
when we do Feng Shui, we look at the world from a Feng Shui perspective and make choices with a Feng Shui value.

From a Feng Shui perspective, we have a "Gan-Ying" or a "mutual response" to the environment and to the everyday objects around us, This mutual resonance operates on 3 levels: physical, emotional and symbolic, so if your client find spiky plants or plastic flowers physical appealing, emotional fulfilling and symbolically empowering, then by all means let your client use them, even though you may feel otherwise with your Feng Shui value.

Feng Shui rules are only there to reinforce its value system, and that is in a Feng Shui environment, we prefer the natural to the artificial, the honest over the false and the beautiful over the ugly. But again, that is only the FS value preference; others who don't like Feng Shui may not share in this paradigm.

Also, what is natural, honest and beautiful vary from person to person and from master to master, so in the end, your client the users, have to make the final choice and accept the consequence. Feng Shui is just there as a guideline and a value system to help them make choices and you, the FS practitioner, is no more than a consultant and an adviser with a Feng Shui biase.

So lets not get on our high horse and tell others what is correct or incorrect thing to do, and be honest with ourself that we have a biased way of looking at the world.