Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Calculate the 3 killing Mountains Location 三煞山

Every year there is a sector of the house is belongs to the San Sha Mountains. This is considers as the inauspicious location.

How do you find out this location?

For example:
Let take the Ox Year's Heavenly Stem(HS) and Earthly Branch(EB) for this example of calculation. The HS is Ji and the EB is Chou/OX, the Ox is the Tai Sui location (tai shui coming from this direction of Chou/Ox).

We have to use the 3 combination theory to find out the San Sha location. the 3 combine for Ox year is Snake+Rooster+Ox (巳SI + 酉YOU + 丑CHOU). Mao 卯 Rabbit, East is the San Sha location. Using the 3 combo theory, Si+You+Chou=Metal, Metal and Wood Clashed. Wood is in the East direction. The who of East is consider the san sha location.

What is San Sha?
The Three Killings or the San Sha affect the East sector. Three killing comprises of the triple combo of year, disaster and robbery sha. San Sha is associated with financial lost and accidents. Is like sword fighting. To take note that this sector cannot have any renovation for the whole year. In order to soften the effect at the East, place a bundle of 3 bamboo plants. Now we have North and East sectors should not have ground breaking and renovation.